GALLERY: Check out all the pictures as Hollywood descended on Tipperary this week

A great week for the town of Cahir

Maria Taylor


Maria Taylor


Last Monday morning Cahir woke up with a sense of excitement after months of hype and over a week of preparations, the first day of filming for the Ridley Scott movie The Last Duel was finally here.

It started early with huge trucks of equipment, cameras, lighting and effects and crew arriving from 8am.
Traffic management was put into place on both sides of the bridge.

Catering trucks arrived and caterers entered the castle to set up. The car park was surrounded entirely by security barriers covered in black plastic for privacy.

Taxis started to arrive with cast members at about midday and the many extras were bussed in from Cahir Business Park Cahir gardaí were also on site to assist with crowd control.

Locals started to gather early too in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Matt Driver or Jodie Comer as well as the renowned and acclaimed director, Ridley Scott.

The horses for the movie were stabled in The Mill beside the castle and they were exercised in the morning around the town, even the dogs that were part of the background scenes in the castle were walked too.

Matt Damon had a smile for everyone when he arrived but hurried inside, Jodie looked amazing and relaxed and entered carrying her face shield and her mobile phone, Ridley Scott was wearing a face mask was also ushered inside quickly. Word has it that filming continues until Wednesday, September 30.

The storyline of the film goes that a woman claims she has been raped by her husband’s best friend, Jean De Carrouges, but when no one believes her accusation; her husband challenges his friend to a duel.

It is based on a true story of trial by combat in Medieval France.