Clódagh Cummins Memorial Tournament in Cappawhite





The annual Clódagh Cummins Memorial Tournament took place in Cappawhite on Sunday morning last. 3 visiting teams took part along with Cappawhite in the competition at both U12 and U10 age groups.

The teams were: Raparees, Oola and Aherlow.

Each team played 3 matches in their group and the top 2 qualified for the final. Aherlow came out the winners at U10 grade and took home the Plate while Cappawhite and Aherlow contested the U12 final. This was a very evenly matched affair and the Cappa girls won it by a very slim margin and will keep the Cup at home for another year.

Medals were presented by Rebecca Cummins, Clódagh’s sister to the winners Aherlow (U10) and Cappwhite (U12) and to all the participants.

Well done to all players for a very entertaining tournament and thank you to all the parents who brought along food and confectionary for the event. Thank you also to all the volunteers who made this such a success.

Thank you especially to the Cummins family for supporting this event. Clódagh Cummins played for the club at all grades. She passed away tragically aged only 19 years following an accident in 2013. This tournament was established then and the great turnout at this event truly honours her memory.