Recycling information evening in Roscrea





Roscrea Branch of the Mothers' Union hosted an information evening on household recycling recently. The speaker was Mr. Dave Corboy of the Recycling Ambassador Programme which is funded by the Dept.of Communications, Climate Change and Environment.

Mr. Corboy stated that 40% of material in household recycling bins ends up being treated as general rubbish because of contamination or mixed materials being put in the bins. All items must be washed out, dried and placed separately in the bins. If any item is dirty or wet, it can contaminate the surrounding items which must then be put in the general rubbish.

Acceptable items for recycling are as follows:

Aluminium cans, food tins, plastic drinks bottles and tops, milk cartons,plastic milk bottles and tops, shampoo and cleaning product containers, cardboard, newspapers, paper, yougurt cartons (but not foil top), plastic food and veg. trays and egg boxes.

Unacceptable items for recycling:

Tin foil, foil food trays, disposable cups, cling film, plastic bags, plastic food wrappers, crisp bags, plastic toys, buckets, basins or drums.

Glass should not be placed in the recycling bins but instead brought to the designated glass recycling bins found in every town. When the material is sorted into the various categories, it is baled and shipped mostly to the UK or Holland for re-processing. With a little care, we can all add greatly to the health of the environment for future generations.

Following the meeting, everyone enjoyed a lovely supper and tea in proper cups!