Roscrea Tidy Towns





The past week has proved a very busy one for Roscrea Tidy Towns. They are in the process of distributing and planting the large donation of 3,000 sapling trees received through the sponsorship of the local branch of Crann and under the plan of “Trees on the Land”.

In their survey of where these trees may be planted, which involved a tour of the town and the contacting of local estates committees, a large amount of fly-tipping was noticed in some locations.

Last Wednesday and again on Friday, Tidy Towns volunteers removed from the local ditches a total of five trailer loads of rubbish from offending areas (pictures attached). Much of this was household waste and the remainder was recyclable – it could easily be disposed of in local recycling areas throughout the town.

The AGM of Roscrea Tidy Towns will take place on Wednesday 28th February at 8pm in the Abbey Hall.

Please watch our Facebook page for updates. New volunteers are always welcome to join us – not all of what we do is as messy as the photos show.