Mary Hanrahan retires from Fethard primary school

Mary Hanrahan joined the staff of Nano Nagle N.S. Fethard in 1981, having previously taught for two years in Corduff, Blanchardstown, Dublin. From all accounts Mary really enjoyed her metropolitan experiences, but circumstances, affairs of the heart even, drew her to Fethard where she since resides with her husband, Tony and her family. Dublin’s loss was Fethard’s gain as Mary has proved to be a valued staff member for over 30 years.

During her career Mary has taught a wide variety of age groups, but is particularly associated with First Communion classes. Her dedication to the preparation of the children for this sacrament and her efforts to make it a very special occasion for all concerned has been recognised and commended over the years.

Mary’s teaching experiences range from teaching infants during the years when class sizes of 40 children didn’t raise an eyebrow, to an 11-year period as Learning Support Teacher. She excelled in this area, managing assessments, setting up child-specific programmes, liaising with parents, teachers, therapists and psychologists. One could say she was in her element! She also acted as consultant in the Learning Support area to Cloneen N.S. This assistance was greatly appreciated by the Principal and staff.

Mary returned to the classroom in 2010 when Nano Nagle N.S. and St. Patricks N.S. amalgamated to become Holy Trinity N.S. Once again her holistic approach to the childrens development came to the fore as did her caring, understanding demeanour.

Those who know Mary will be well aware of her considerable P.R. skills. Her gift of having words at will for every occasion, linked with her facility in presentation were very valuable staff assets. She also served on the Board of Management of Nano Nagle N.S. for many years. Her secretarial skills vis-à-vis minute taking and report writing were second to none.

Mary’s love of history has also been a great boon to the school. Her forte in this area has to be her amazing bank of knowledge and her ability to present it to audiences young and old. She has given guided tours of Fethard to hosts of school children over the years and has promised to return to help us out in future.

Mary was always welcoming and helpful to visitors and new-comers; generous and supportive to colleagues; resourceful and respectful to her students. Her sense of fun and lively disposition will be missed by the school community.

Mary officially retired from Holy Trinity N.S. on February 29, of this year. We wish her a long, healthy and happy retirement.