A scary movie set for Halloween? No, just a
new ‘House of Horrors’
at Fethard pub

Sian Moloughney

Sian Moloughney

Witches flying overhead, ghostly screeches coming from behind you, dismembered bodies and a haunted graveyard... no, not the setting for a scary movie but the interior decoration in one local pub this Halloween!

Lonergan’s Pub in Fethard is becoming famous for it’s scary Halloween displays, and this year pub owners Roseanne and John Carroll have outdone themselves with the haunted house and spooky graveyard that is guaranteed to make you jump in fright!

Walking in the door of the pub, the innocent Fethard Main Street is instantly forgotten as a dismembered head in a cage greets you and you enter a dark, cobwebbed crypt, with witches, ghouls and skeletons watching you from every corner. Venture out the back and that’s where you don’t want to be alone, as you make your way past the hoard of zombies, through the house of horrors, and then brave the misty haunted graveyard.

You make it back to the pub for a drink to settle your nerves, but who is there to serve you? Lucifer himself...

‘Lucifer’ is the alter ego of John Carroll, who, along with his wife Roseanne have been putting on the impressive Halloween display in their Fethard pub for over ten years.

“The first year I did it I had a few decorations at home, from when I used to give my daughter Halloween parties,” Roseanne explains, “so every year I’ve added more to it. Then I started putting up the wallpaper which glows in the dark.” This year the pub is fully wallpapered in glowing spiders. Last year it was 3D skeletons.

The slowest part of decorating the inside of the pub is the fake cobwebs, according to Roseanne. It comes on a roll, like a lump of cotton wool and you tear it off, but in America you can get a machine that will spray it on for you. “That’s the slowest part. It’s very time consuming.”

To get the whole display ready, inside the pub and outside, takes almost three weeks and the Carroll’s start to decorate in September.

As if decorating the pub and the four-room house of horrors wasn’t enough, this year the new addition to the scary display is the haunted forrest-cemetery that includes a skeleton that jumps out of his grave and a ghoulish girl with glowing eyes.

“The hardest part is I know in my head what I want when I start planning in June or July then I have to try and transport it into a pub,” Roseanne told The Nationalist. “I enjoy doing it and now I do it for a charity every year and there is a donations box in the pub.” This year the Carroll’s will raise money for the Childrens’ Ward at South Tipperary General Hospital.

The popularity of the pub is ever-growing and now every year people come from as far away as Northern Ireland, stay in a local B and B, and go to the Halloween party at Lonergan’s.