Prendergast takes up her new post in Brussels

Europe’s newest MEP Phil Prendergast has vowed to support the diplomatic move seeking a change in the terms of Ireland’s bailout deal.

“I will be working in Europe to promote the Labour Party’s values of fairness by supporting Ireland’s diplomatic offensive aimed at changing the terms of our bailout deal,” said the Clonmel based former senator.

She started work last month setting up her office in Brussels, reading into her brief and attending committee meetings.

This week the new MEP said that the Irish people need to know from Europe that solidarity is more than just a fine aspiration.

“We have shown our true colours in support of the Euro and the European Union project over the past three years. Now we need to see that loyalty respected. We cannot be expected to blindly accept instruction from EU institutions when our sincere and informed opinion is that their policies are misguided and will not restore economic stability to Ireland nor to the EU as a whole. This is not a matter of narrow national interest; this is a matter for all Europeans. None of us can have confidence in the EU if its institutions adopt policies that don’t work.” she said.

MEP Prendergast will be a member on the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and the Internal Market Committee. She is also a member of EU-US Interparliamentary delegation.

She succeeds Minister of State Alan Kelly from North Tipperary who resigned the position following his election to the Dáil in February.