Sad at demise of Tipp town landmarks

Demise of Tipp Town landmark
Dear Editor

Dear Editor

I witnessed a scene in Tipperary town on Thursday 13th June. The Gaiety Theatre was being demolished to make way for a supermarket. Progress - it is called. I wrote a book ‘Home is Here’ which was published last year. The Gaiety featured as part of the plot .The Gaiety Theatre cum Cinema holds memories for many people in Tipperary. The Anew McMasters plays were the highlight in those halcyon days.Paddy Ryan put on concerts in the Gaiety in the fifties and sixties, and the Musical Society tread the boards with fine performances of popular operas. I’m glad I gave the Gaiety a starring role in my book in light of its sad demise. The Tower Ballroom is also in line for demolishing. I am presently writing a fictional book in which the Tower will feature. To me buildings are characters in themselves; they have secret lives, and if they could talk would amaze us all with their revelations.

Yours,Anne Crosse

Tipperary Town