Showers fail to dampen Bansha Show

The 56th Annual Bansha Show took place last Wednesday, August 22 despite inclement weather.

The 56th Annual Bansha Show took place last Wednesday, August 22 despite inclement weather.

Usually one reports that ‘the sun shone down on the show’, and it did intermittently, enough for people to dry off and then down came the showers again. However, this did add to some of the fun on the day with lots of cars, vans and lorries getting stuck in the mud. There was a general good spirit about this as people realised there was no point in getting stressed about it and tractors were on-hand to pull the vehicles to where they needed to go. “Who said the age of chivalry is dead?” I heard one lady comment, “It’s been years since I had 3-4 men trying to help me all at once and fussing over helping me - I have to admit I quite enjoyed it!”

The weather didn’t prevent hundreds of people visiting the Bansha show, taking part in the competitions and browsing over fifty stalls offering a variety of goods from weatherproof clothing to ducklings. The ducklings were pretty impressed by the on-lookers but only a few selected humans, after rigorous interviews, were allowed to take some of them home.

“I learnt something new today,” a passer-by told me, whilst choosing to purchase some fine hens. “I didn’t know that hens roost in trees that can prevent the foxes getting to them.” The hens weren’t impressed by this naive disclosure of one their many inventive ploys to escape their enemy. Needless to say, that human didn’t even get to the interview stages and left empty handed.

There was plenty to entertain the crowds including an array of livestock all washed, pruned and plumped in their best attire to look great for the judges. As always, the impressive Mr. Bulls’ were strutting their best sides for the judges. All of them had been groomed to perfection and it was a wondrous, if not unbelievable sight, to see one owner hovering his bull clean. This sight was one to behold and the gentle farmer hoovering his bull was unaware of the women passing by who were all secretly wondering if the Hoover possessed ‘Root Cyclone technology, (no bag), and whether it “Removed more dust than any other cleaner”.

Congratulations to Thomas Cody, from Cashel Piltown, Kilkenny who won the ‘Jim O’Connor Perpetual Cup’ for ‘Champion of the Show’.Congratulations to Tom Bergin from Cappa who won the ‘Canon Hayes Perpetual Cup’ for ‘Best Sucker Cow & Calf’.

The Dog Show was another highlight of the Bansha Show. The owners showed off their pooches that were remarkably clean and mud free despite the rainy conditions. A cute little dog who coyly showed-off his rosette for second place was overheard asking his owner, “Will you still love me anyway?”

It looked spectacular when the horse competitors were all lined up waiting to go into the ring. The backdrop of the Galtees looked magnificent when the clouds cleared and the sun shone like God’s torchlight on one of his best creations.

The large tent was full of art, photography and home crafts, baking and fragrant flowers. This year the committee reported there had been a large increase in children’s entries in the art categories. Also noted were the beautiful flowers on display in spite of a very bad summer.

The ICA sponsored the photography competition and was delighted with this year’s entries. The committee offers a huge thank you to all the volunteers whose tireless work ethic makes the Bansha show possible every year. They also would also like to remember previous committee members who have since passed on during the year.

With appreciation for the use of Hogan’s field, the committee members put the field back to the best of their ability in lieu of all the vehicles that inadvertently dug trenches whilst being towed out of the show by the friendly tractors. On the positive side for Moles (although there is a debate whether Moles exist in Ireland with a famous DIY store recalling sonic mole repellents as they weren’t selling) the deep furrows created a ready-made home for them and they wouldn’t have far to travel to take part in next year’s show. (The Wind in the Willows Perpetual Cup.) But otherwise, they’re fine furrows for potatoes.

Congratulations to the organisers of this massive and well-organised event. The Bansha show, like other shows around the country enhance communities.