McSavage says 'be prepared for anything' at his Thurles show

McSavage says 'be prepared for anything' at his Thurles show

By Dylan White

“The trajectory of my career has gone downhill since I finished The Savage Eye”, admits comedian David McSavage.

In a candid interview with The Nationalist ahead of his upcoming gig at The Source Arts Centre Thurles this Friday 30 September, McSavage says he has become “less visible” in the public domain since the hit series.

“I don’t get as many people at my shows nowadays as I used to when I was on TV,” he highlights.

The Dubliner, whose real name is David Andrews, believes the comedy circuit has changed in recent years.

He recalls been convicted and fined for failing to pay outstanding arrears on his TV licence because he questioned the quality of comedy on RTÉ television.

“The worst thing you can do is give lazy people money,” he suggests.

McSavage says he submitted a proposal to RTÉ for a sketch show to commemorate 1916, but it was turned down by the broadcaster.

“I wanted to attack and examine through satire the unquestioning narrative around 1916 sold to us, but it’s probably a blessing in disguise that it got rejected,” he laughs.

Nonetheless, McSavage remains upbeat ahead of his date at The Source.

It’s been three years since he performed at the venue, and the controversial talent is intent on entertaining the Tipperary audience with his razor sharp wit and fearless tongue.

“It’s stand up comedy so be prepared for anything,” he adds.