George’s book tells story of business survival and recovery

Sian Moloughney

Sian Moloughney

The moving story of one man’s journey in business from boom to almost bust is set to be a best seller in Irish books shops this Christmas.

‘Shepherd’s Pie: Survival and recovery in a broken economy’ will be on the book shelves later this month and its author, well known Clonmel businessman George Mordaunt, is set to become a familiar name on television and radio shows.

George’s story captured national attention this time last year when his moving address to the Clonmel Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Conference reduced his listeners in tears. That day he spoke about how struggling businesses can lift themselves out of difficulty, but he also spoke about his personal journey.

Now he has written a book based on his words that day and he told The Nationalist that his message has never been as relevant as it is now. “Many people have travelled the same road,” he said, and his book includes tips for those experiencing the same problems he faced.

George believes that many Irish businesses are now dysfunctional not because of the recession but because of the reaction of business owners to the recession - and specifically their reaction to their banks. His books tells the effect this reaction has had on himself, his young family, his marriage and his business.

“For me I have found the book to be hugely therapeutic. In the therapy of reliving it I found how things should be done differently and now I am sharing that with people.”

Seeing his story published is exciting, he admits. “Personally I can’t believe I can walk into a book shop in Galway and see my book. It’s a huge achievement. I’m excited in terms of where it might bring me because I passionately believe in the story I have to tell.”

The book will be officially launched in The Narrow Space on October 27. It is already available for pre-order on Amazon.