Re-energise your dog with a massage at Tipperary's Southview Veterinary Hospital

Southview Veterinary Hospital


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Re-energise your dog with a massage at Tipperary's Southview Veterinary Hospital

Treat your dog to a massage at Southview Veterinary Hospital in Clonmel

Have you noticed your dog slowing down?

Are they a little stiffer and not as flexible as they once were? Are they suffering from arthritis? Have they had orthopaedic surgery in the past?

If the answer is yes to one or all of the above questions, then your dog could benefit greatly from a full body massage. As your pet gets older their limbs AND joints may not be working as efficiently as they once were. This, in turn, has a knock on effect in other areas of the body, namely the muscles. They can develop muscle tension and spasms, which can become quite painful if they go unnoticed and will also begin to affect their ability to move.

The benefits of massage include:

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Resolved or improved lameness
  • Breakdown of knots and adhesions, which inhibit movement
  • Massage reduces the heart rate, which can lead to reduced stress levels and reduced pain
  • Endorphins are released
  • Removal of toxins from the body
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage
  • Improved circulation and coat
  • Faster recovery from injury & surgery
  • Released trigger points and areas of spasm

Southview Veterinary Hospital, Clonmel, is now providing massages for your pet with our nurse Melissa,who is trained in canine massage. Each session is €40, which take place in the evening time.

For further information or to speak to someone regarding booking an appointment, contact us on 052-6121712