Clonmel Credit Union provide over 8,000 loans every year






Clonmel Credit Union provide over 8,000 loans every year

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Did you know that Clonmel Credit Union in County Tipperary is one of the largest in the country with more than 30,000 members?

“Clonmel Credit Union differs from other financial services providers because we are owned by members, not by shareholders, and we deliver for our members every single day,” a spokesperson says.

“Another difference is that everything we generate goes straight back into the credit union to our members. A few weeks back, in December 2019, we returned €2.2 million to savers and borrowers. In fact, our borrowers received a full 30% rebate of all the interest they paid on their loan in 2019. No one else does that, but Clonmel Credit Union does.

“We also approve up to 98% of loan applications weekly. Again, unique and all about members.  

“Credit is what we are about and we deliver 160-plus loans each and every week, which is around 8,000 in a year. These loans enable our members to do all sorts of things, including educating their kids, improving their homes, planning their wedding, going on that special holiday or getting a new set of wheels.

“Are you a member yet? If not, we would love to have you join our tribe and avail of the benefits, those special things that make Clonmel Credit Union different.”

Visit www.clonmelcu.com/Membership.