Some people have missed out on 14 haircuts during lockdown, says Tipperary barbershop

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Some people have missed out on 14 haircuts during lockdown, says Tipperary barbershop, Get Your Locks Off.

"We simply cannot wait to get back to work to do what we do best and love doing so much every day. Who would have thought that such a simple commodity as a haircut would turn into one of the most sought after things in the country. 

It will be 14 weeks since we closed the doors of Get Your Locks Off for what we genuinely thought would be a two week closure. I don't think any of us on that day could have ever predicted it would be so long before we reopened.

We are very proud and privileged to be opening up again on June 29th with an even better service to provide to our community. 

Most of our customers would have had their hair cut at least 3-4 times during the time we spent closed and some of our very regular customers will have missed out on as many as 14 cuts. That's a lot of service not provided and a lot of business missed out on. 

As a business, it has been very hard during the Covid-19 closure. The total uncertainty of absolutely everything is what stands out the most, apart from the obvious detrimental financial loss of it all. What really affected us was not knowing when we could resume our business and then also how to resume our business when the time comes. How do you prepare for going forward when you don't know what is expected of you to run your business safely with ever changing circumstances?

Thankfully, we were never worried about not reopening and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the restrictions. We are a strong business with very loyal customers.

We have a huge passion for what we do and a hunger to get back to our jobs and serve the people of Clonmel and surrounding areas as soon as possible.

We especially miss all of the kids who come to us for Kiddie Locks, we miss their chats and the big smiles that they always bring with them. We pride ourselves on being a very family orientated business.

People should expect a few changes when we go back, for example:
1. Mandatory hand sanitisation before entering 
2. Contact tracing for each customer who enters
3. Most of the queuing will happen outside for now in order to comply with social distancing 
4. PPE will be worn by staff and customers can opt to wear it if they so choose
5. No beard trims for now to reduce face to face contact at close proximity. 

We are hoping to resume these beard trims if everything keeps moving forward and it is safe to do so.

We have taken safety measures within the shop to ensure social distancing while we are working. 

In addition to our walk-in service, we have introduced a new mobile app-based booking system for appointments (search for Get Your Locks Off in the app store/play store).

This is a new service for us and have had a huge uptake on it already. It's a new and welcome addition to our service by the looks of it as we received over 200 bookings on it within 4 hours of opening it to the public last Saturday.

We are grateful for everyone who has booked and has waited so long for us to resume service. 

Our usual walk-in service will still be a huge part of our business. We will be doing 50% walk-in and 50% appointments so there will be plenty of opportunities to get your haircut if we are booked out on the system and you still want a haircut on any day.

Our online shop at www.getyourlocksoff.ie for products and vouchers which we deliver by post remains open. We are very grateful for every order received during the period of restriction.

We are really looking forward to having fun with our staff and our customers again who are like extended family. It's one of the things we have missed so much during the period of restriction. We will be making a huge effort to be back with the same atmosphere in the shop from day one. 

We have been very fortunate to have received the grants that were made available by the government to help start back up and take some pressure off us with the purchase costs of screens, PPE and building works we have had to implement to safely reopen our doors  and urge anyone who has not applied yet to get those application forms in. If anyone is struggling with how to apply, please reach out and if we can offer some help we will. 

We have seen wonderful community spirit throughout Clonmel with people sharing information and sharing posts on social media to support fellow businesses in the same trades, neighbouring premises, favourite restaurants etc and we have received so many messages of support and so many pictures of clients' DIY haircuts that have helped us laugh our way through the period of restriction. 

We are really looking forward to seeing all of our customers again and welcoming new business in the coming weeks. We would like to thank the people of Clonmel for your support as always in business.