How can your business navigate the digital marketing wilderness?

Patrick O'Gorman


Patrick O'Gorman


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How can your business navigate the digital marketing wilderness?

Patrick O'Gorman of Market Cloud shares his thoughts with businesses

Holycross third level student, Patrick O'Gorman, Bohernacrusha, owner of Market Cloud, shares his top tips to help your business reap the rewards of a robust social media presence. Here he writes about navigating the digital marketing wilderness.

Holycross man Patrick O'Gorman of Market Cloud

Now more than ever, the business landscape nationwide is completely unrecognizable with consumer behaviour and the economy continuing to undergo irreversible changes. Retail stores that relied on customer footfall have seen their income obliterated by indefinite closure.

In a bid to adapt to extremely difficult circumstances, countless businesses have moved online by acquiring various grants to develop and promote an e-commerce website. Others significantly increased their social media activity to promote their click & collect, takeaway services etc.

The adaptation to these sudden changes has shown the great resilience and determination of business owners nationwide to ensure their survival within the torrential economic conditions. Becoming familiar with the ever changing complexities and trends of the online world also paints a daunting picture.

With these precarious economic conditions remaining an ever looming threat in the short to medium term, there has never been a better time to begin planning for the future in terms of a robust digital marketing strategy.

While structuring your social media plans, it is highly worthwhile to consider the following advice.

1. Set measurable objectives
Managing a social media presence is only worthwhile if it is generating measurable returns in terms of increased sales potential, website traffic or brand awareness. If your objective is to improve either of the above areas, set a specific goal and structure your campaign to achieve the objective.

2. Choose the correct platforms
With an increasing number of social media platforms, it can be difficult to decide which platforms are worthwhile or not. Having a strong knowledge of your customer base and target audience is crucial in choosing the correct platforms. Having too many profiles to manage across sites can often result in social media management becoming a nuisance. Best practice is to choose a platform that matches your target audience and product/service offering.

3. Let your visuals do the talking
The phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" applies significantly in the social media world. Allowing your images to communicate your message rather than lengthy image descriptions can have a much powerful impact by increasing audience engagement. Many people scroll through their social media news feeds rapidly and unless something grabs their attention instantly, they could scroll past without hesitation. It is highly important to have a product image or caption front and centre as a focal point to grab attention. Make sure to avail of the graphic design apps available to download to help enhance your visuals .

4. Plan & schedule accordingly
Developing a robust social media plan for particular events or seasons can have very positive implications for sales growth. It is recommended to prepare your marketing content months in advance of any significant events throughout the year. This allows the flexibility to improve or re-structure a campaign prior to its launch. Also, consider using scheduling apps that make social media management more convenient.

5.Quality over Quantity
Creating and posting a limited number of visually appealing images/videos can have a much powerful impact than several posts of poorer quality. Maintaining regular posting patterns are also recommended rather than posting intermittently. The quality over quantity concept also applies to your follower base. Having thousands of followers compared to hundreds does not necessarily correlate with increased custom or brand awareness, as many of these followers could be false business leads or worse still, bots.

6. Humanize your brand
Make sure to strike a balance between promoting your products/services and providing value to your followers. Follower engagement will reduce significantly unless they are stimulated by more personal content such as competition giveaways or sharing valuable advice within your respective industry. Give your target audience a valid reason to engage with you and watch your business harness the powerful benefits of social media marketing.