Tidy Towns appeal 'all hands on deck' as judging looms

Help out in your own area

Tidy Towns appeal 'all hands on deck' as judging looms

Cahir Tidy Towns has been busy preparing for the visit of the National Adjudicators.

All our planters are back out on the streets and the dry spell is proving difficult for members trying to keep plants watered.

There has been a steady increase in the number of businesses, residents and estates putting up hanging baskets in the past week and this is very much welcome.

The wild rose garden at St Paul’s has now been planted and wildflowers have been put into the area at the top. We would hope to see some flowering here in the coming weeks and will erect the signage with list of sponsors once the list of subscribers is finalised.

We hope to get working on Ted's Bed in the coming weeks in this area also.

We are appealing to everyone to help us out on general tidiness over the coming weeks as judges could come calling at any stage. The businesses in town are best placed to keep an eye outside their own premises for litter during the day.

The toilets are due to open in the coming week and these will be welcome to the increased numbers of visitors to town who currently queue for the temporary loos in the car park. We would hope that the rain water harvesting system in the toilets will be a bonus in the energy saving, conservation and environment section.

This week we meet on Monday and Wednesday as we need to be on guard for the month of June, we cannot afford to lose marks on tidiness. Members are digging out kerbside weeds at the moment and all residents are asked to help out in their area.

We welcome the formation of the new residents' committee in Pearce Street. Any committees doing work in their area are asked to send pictures of the work to us for inclusion in the 2019 entry.