Front runners emerge as count continues in Tipperary

Early tallies in

Michael Heverin


Michael Heverin

Front runners emerge as count continues in Tipperary

As counting continues in Tipperary, a number of candidates are polling well.

In Clonmel, with seven urban boxes open, Pat English of the Workers and Unemployed Action Group is doing well as are Siobhan Ambrose (FF) and Michael Murphy (FG) who is doing better than his running mate Garret Ahearn.

In Cashel-Tipperary, outgoing chairman Michael Fitzgerald looks a front runner with Roger Kennedy (FF), Mary Hanna Hourigan (FG) and Declan Burgess (FG) doing well.

In Carrrick on Suir, Imelda Goldsboro is polling well as are Mark Fitzgerald (FG), David Dunne (SF) and Kevin O'Meara (Indpt).

In Cahir, Marie Murphy (FG), Michael Anglim (FF) and TJ English (FF) are doing well.

However all these indicators come with a health warning. Only a small number of boxes have been opened and those opened can often come from one particular area that will favour local candidates.

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