There's one Tipperary voluntary group who just never seem to stop working


There's one Tipperary voluntary group who just never seem to stop working

The Cahir Group have resumed activities following the lifting of restrictions and the first thing on the agenda was the National Spring clean. This took place in Barnora where lsot of rubbish was removed from the site that’s now proposed for housing. 

The Woodview residents association did a spring clean also and great credit due to the new committee, who edged the kerbs, painted the fence and continues to work with the local agencies on improving their estate.

Members have also been busy painting the benches around town and weeding the flower beds that are starting to come into good colour. We have permanent planting in a lot of our beds to reduce costs going forward. We have lost out on much needed funding this year and we need to be clever in our spending. 

The town is looking well in general but the rubbish that is being dumped at the clothes banks sites are not helping.  We have been onto the environmental section of the council who have committed to extra patrols and cameras in the area.

We have cut the Abbey Cemetery and the old Church Street on a few occasions this year and growth was strong. These areas need to be maintained each year with the help of a graveyard grant. The town planting was cut back this year due to costs and the fact that there is no competition in 2020 but nevertheless we want to keep people coming to Cahir so every effort is being made to keep up appearances. 

We meet again on Wednesday evening but social distancing will be maintained as usual. All members were equipped with masks, spray, bags and instructions and all are briefed on covid19.

We would like to acknowledge the return of the Cahir notes in The Nationalist and wish Maria and all the staff the best of  luck under the new editor at the  paper.