Tipperary student forgets 'bad things' on her mind by taking a walk

Louise Prendergast


Louise Prendergast



October 10 marks World Mental Health Day

It is important to keep an eye on your mental health and find the best ways to improve it.

Art has helped me express my negative thoughts instead of acting them out. When I was younger I used to draw angry characters, who would fight a lot and say threatening things as I wasn’t in the best of environments and had nobody to talk to.

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As I've gotten older and events in my life started to vastly improve, my drawings began to get nicer and more positive. Art is important for me as well as my own characters. My mother made up a character to help me when I was feeling stressed named Fredrick, the posh frog who wore a monocle, lived in a field and had his difficulties like I did. This would make me feel a lot better about myself. I have my own special characters who I love dearly and draw a lot like Felix the vampire, the magical leaf cat and Lucian the king of Jupiter who is a humanoid fox.

When I get too stressed, overwhelmed or just want to work my brain to get new ideas for my fictional stories, I take a walk. It clears my head and makes me think about something else more positive than the bad thing I was thinking about earlier.

Music is important to me as well as walking and I always combine the two. Music helps my mind think about imaginary worlds I love to make up, making me feel a lot better.

Louise Prendergast is a first year student at LIT Clonmel.