Tipperary gets new reservoir the size of two Olympic swimming pools

New Clonmel Regional Water Supply Scheme North Storage project completed



New  Clonmel Regional Water Supply Scheme North Storage project completed

New reservoir at Giantsgrave , Clonmel

Irish Water, working in partnership with Tipperary County Council, has completed the Clonmel Regional Water Supply Scheme North Storage project.

This project will ensure a more secure and reliable water supply for the Clonmel area.

The water infrastructure in this area has had an insufficient level of storage capacity previously. However, this project has now increased that storage capacity with the construction of the new reservoir. These works were carried out by John Cradock Limited on behalf of Irish Water.

Speaking about the project, Irish Water’s infrastructure programme regional lead Lisa Cogan says this is an important project for Clonmel North. "The works completed will ensure that the residents and businesses will now have a more secure and robust water supply. This project included the construction of a new reservoir and over four kilometres of new water mains, which will safeguard the water supply to this area by increasing the level of storage capacity."

The overall project saw a number of new pieces of infrastructure being constructed including a new reservoir in the townland of Giantsgrave with 4,000 cubic metre of capacity, enough to fill nearly two Olympic sized swimming pools. In addition, an associated control building was constructed and a new booster pumping station in Rathronan. Four kilometres of new water mains were laid and associated site works including landscaping and security fencing were also completed.

These completed works will safeguard the water supply for this area and support future social and economic development in the town.