Gardaí taking action after increase in murder threats in Tipperary

Dylan White


Dylan White


Increase in murder threats in Tipperary being prosecuted, warns garda chief

Increase in murder threats in Tipperary being prosecuted, warns garda chief

The number of crimes committed against people has dropped by 16% in the Tipperary Garda Division.

Tipperary Garda Division’s Chief Superintendent Derek Smart told the Tipperary County Joint Policing Committee meeting earlier this month that year-to-date (October 1) data shows a drop from 447 to 376 of incidents.

Crimes against people include all assaults, child abandonment, harassment, murder, murder threats, and neglect or abuse.
Although there were decreases in Nenagh (-6%), Thurles (-29%), Cahir (-37%) and Tipperary Town (-40%), there was an increase of 15% in crimes against people in the Clonmel Garda District.

Detections in this area dropped by 7%, from 249 to 232.

Assaults causing harm and minor assaults were down 23% in the Tipperary Garda Division, from 355 to 273.
The biggest drop in assaults were in Cahir (-42%), Thurles (-35%) and Tipperary Town (40%), with Clonmel (-1%) and Nenagh (-9%) also noting decreases.

Garda assault detections dropped by 12%, from 210 to 185, with Chief Superintendent Smart attributing this to the Covid-19 restrictions that were in place throughout the year. “I expect that detection rate to come back up by the year’s end,” he said.

“Regarding Section 3 assaults, we are at 48% detection rate. The region is at 37%, so we are well ahead of that. Regarding Section 2 minor assaults, we are at 30%, with the region being at 25%,” he continued.

Chief Superintendent Smart said Operation Soteria is focusing on public spaces to ensure people can enjoy the night-time economy without the fear of being attacked. “Our detection rate for Section 2 assaults probably won’t get higher than that. A lot of that is based around initial complaints being withdrawn once people have sobered up or have had a think about what’s happened and then they withdraw their complaints. Obviously the crimes stay on our books and we investigate them as far as we can,” he said.

Chief Superintendent Smart said there has been an increase in murder threats in Clonmel. “People are threatening each other, and I am delighted that Superintendent [William] Leahy is taking a very proactive stance. People are being arrested straight away and we are preparing files for the Director of Public Prosecutions,” he said.

He said when the pubs start to reopen and people are on the street under the influence of alcohol, it could lead to an increase in assaults. “That is something we have to monitor between now and Christmas to keep that the way it is,” he added.