Keep it local during the pandemic, Tipp Chambers urge

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


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Shop sensibly and don't panic says Tipperary's Chamber of Commerce

By supporting local shops and businesses, your spending might just propagate survival

Calls have been made in The Premier County for Tipperary people to ensure that they support local shops and businesses during a period of unprecedented challenge to the survival of our towns.
As the full implications of the coronavirus (Covid-19) are hitting home with the county in virtual lockdown, locals have been encouraged to use their spending power wisely - limited though it might be in this difficult time.

By supporting local shops and businesses, your spending might just propagate survival and there are many initiatives being rolled out to ensure that people can get to shops at off - peak times in order to avoid large congregations.
With local authorities having closed, services and industries in shutdown mode, hundreds of events have also been cancelled throughout the county and with schools off, businesses closed, pubs, restaurants and many shops and offices closed, a virtual lockdown has come into play.

In the midst of it all though, there are many brilliant initiatives emerging from the community with wattsapp groups being established to help vulnerable people through GAA clubs and other voluntary organisations. Shopping for the elderly is being organised; home deliveries; on-line and on-air Mass and other religious ceremonies are being streamed; and clubs and groups are setting challenges for children to undertake work/skills/ tasks at home and to upload videos in a bid to keep them entertained, active and interacting with their friends.

Many restaurants are doing take-away services for people who wish to avail of them and helplines continue to be manned in a bid to give as much vital, accurate information as is possible.
It is very important to keep the cash flow moving across the community and to spend wisely.

With library services closed, many local bookshops are doing great deals to provide reading material for all ages right now; businesses and shop owners are doing what they can to provide a range of goods and products which will help to enlighten and entertain; and local Chambers of Commerce are encouraging people to spend locally and help businesses to get over the steep hump associated with the lockdown.

There is no immediate danger of running short of any items, so it is important to heed to best advice and to remain calm, cool and collected.
Don't panic buy and don't get caught in the trap of heeding inaccurate information.
A statement from the County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce said this week: “The most important item that any business owner can do during this time, is remain calm. Focus on the health and welfare of yourself, your staff and your family.
“Business will always move forward, business will stabilise and recover. However, if we do not implement and follow the guidance from the HSE, Government and World Heath Organisation, it may have a detrimental impact on the more vulnerable of the wider community.”