Gortnahoe Glengoole lady is connecting families with loved ones in Tipp via ipad

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Bringing the iPads to South Tipperary General Hospital

“I witnessed first-hand the devastation and grief families were having due to loved ones in hospital." - Paula McCormack.

Glengoole nurse Paula McCormack has been helping to keep Tipperary families and their loved ones based in hospitals and nursing homes, connected during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Covid 19 has impacted every single person in Ireland and worldwide and we strive to work together as a nation to protect our country, the little things we do can sometimes have a big impact.

“I witnessed first-hand the devastation and grief families were having due to loved ones in hospital. They could speak to them on the phone but were unable to see them. I came up with the idea of getting tablet devices to break down the communication barrier. It allows families to see loved ones on a 10 inch screen as the elderly find it hard due to reduce vision to see on the smart phones and hopefully reduce the anxiety until they can physically see them again.

Paul McCormack and Caroline Brett pictured with the iPads

“I discussed the fundraiser idea with two of my work colleagues Caroline Brett and Mary Barrett, both health care assistants. They thought it was a great idea and so the three of us set up the fundraiser ‘connecting families with loved ones in hospital’.
“We are delighted to say we gave the first 2 tablet devices and 8 care hampers to Greenhill nursing home in Carrick, and 5 devices given to South Tipp General Hospital amongst others.

“The fist device was active in Greenhills within the hour of delivery and it was a very emotional, as the families involved had not seen the patient in 6 weeks and the lady was very poorly, it was a very special moment as sadly the lady passed away the next day (not covid related). It is hoped that many families will benefit from these devices. Caroline, Mary and I would like to say a BIG thank to all those who donated so generously,” Paula said.

They raised a total of €3,174 and Paul also made cotton reusable facemasks for the Community frontline staff around the country. “With the assistance of my millinery friends around the country and bridal shops, we donated masks to the Public health nurses, disability nurses, palliative care nurses around Ireland. United we stand in the fight against Covid 19,” said a very grateful Paula.
We extend our congratulations to her and her colleagues on their great initiative.