Today is Your Council Day in Tipperary

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Joe MacGrath

Tipperary County Council CEO Joe MacGrath

“The current crisis has highlighted the true nature of public service in communities across the country." - Joe MacGrath.

The innovative work carried out by local authorities across the country during the Covid-19 crisis will be highlighted during Your Council Day, today Wednesday, July 1. 

The council’s twitter page @tipperarycoco, will showcase numerous heroes who have made a difference in supporting their communities through the vital work carried out by councils during lockdown.

Local authorities will also provide a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a typical day in the council and highlight all the services councils and their dedicated employees provide. 

Social media users throughout the community are also asked to post their experiences of council initiatives using the hashtag #YourCouncilDay.

A report carried out by the Local Government Management Agency has revealed the local authority sector devised 216 separate innovations to meet challenges presented by Covid-19.

In 38% of these cases, structures did not previously exist and were specifically set up to deliver Covid-19 services on a short-term basis.

“The current crisis has highlighted the true nature of public service in communities across the country. Faced with the challenge of social distancing, and with many of our own staff working from home, novel solutions were brought to the complex problems posed by the new realities of lockdown,” said Joe MacGrath, Chief Executive, Tipperary County Council

Tipperary County Council like all local authorities established a Community Response Forum to co-ordinate a multi-agency response to deliver supports to those who needed it while Covid-19 restrictions were in force.

Follow the council’s twitter page @tipperarycoco or #YourCouncilDay to find out what’s happening in Tipperary during Your Council Day. 

More information on the innovations taken by local authorities during Covid-19 is available in an overview report produced by the LGMA available to download here