'TERRIBLE HISTORY': Jail and 12-year driving ban for man at Tipperary district court

Dylan White


Dylan White

'TERRIBLE HISTORY': Jail and 12-year driving ban for man at Tipperary district court

Cashel District Court

Judge Terence Finn has sent a man with a “terrible history” of road traffic offences to jail.

Zydrunas Smaizys of 21 Castle Court, Kilmallock, Limerick was before Cashel District Court on a no insurance charge.
The court heard that on December 30, 2020, gardaí travelling northbound on the M8 at Ballyknock, Cashel stopped the defendant’s vehicle and spoke with him.

The defendant has been living in Ireland 10 years and informed gardaí that he hadn’t insurance.

Gardaí made enquiries and confirmed that he is currently serving a driving disqualification. Gardaí later arrested and brought him to Cahir Garda Station.

The defendant has 20 road convictions including five disqualifications. He most recently received a four-year disqualification from Athlone District Court in September 2020.

Defence solicitor Aidan Leahy said his client accepts that he is off the road since July 2016.

His client is a Lithuanian national who speaks “OK” English, and works with a concrete company.

The solicitor said his client, who has a one-month-old baby and a partner, was “upset” when Mr Leahy told him that he is facing a custodial sentence.

“He should have thought of that [his family] before he took the car on the road,” Mr Leahy said.
His client has a “terrible history” of road traffic offences, and is currently co-operating with the Probation Service.

Judge Terence Finn said he wasn’t going to allow the presence of a child to stop him imposing a custodial sentence.

Echoing that the defendant shouldn’t have been driving, the judge sentenced him to five months of imprisonment and disqualified him from driving for a period of 12 years.