Cannabis for 'chronic pain': Tipperary man with same job for 32 years pleads with judge




Clonmel District Court

Clonmel District Court

A man has pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, which he was using for “chronic pain”, a court heard.

Derek Madigan of 64 Bianconi Drive, Clonmel was before Clonmel District Court on a Section 3 possession of drugs charge.

Sergeant Carol O’Leary said that on August 8, 2019, at approximately 8pm gardaí received a report of a disturbance at a premises.

Upon arrival at the above address, a search under the Misuse of Drugs Act was carried out and a small quantity of cannabis herb was found.

Sgt O’Leary added that the defendant has two previous convictions from 10 years ago.

Defence solicitor Aidan Leahy said his client had been suffering from “chronic pain” at the time and hasn’t smoked since then.

His client is in full-time employment with a company that operates across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The solicitor asked the court to consider a poor box contribution.

The defendant told the court that he has been in the same job for 32 years.

“Please, judge, I have my livelihood,” said Mr Madigan.

Judge Terence Finn ordered him to make a poor box contribution.