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Long serving Fianna Fail councillor John Hogan is not standing in local elections

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



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Cllr John Hogan -not standing in the local elections

The Moyne Templetuohy man has served with great distinction over the last twenty years

Long serving Tipperary County Councillor John Hogan (Fianna Fail) has decided that he will not contest the local elections in May, having spent two decades as a public representative.

The Moyne Templetuohy man made his decision some time ago having served his area and district with great distinction for twenty years. He is currently Chairman of the Tipperary Education and Training Board and held a number of prominent positions down through the years on other committees as well.

Cllr Hogan is regarded as a public representative who speaks his mind on the issues of the day. He will be greatly missed as a public representative and his contributions in the council chamber were always straight to the point, well thought out and meaningful.