IFA leader Healy demands end to Brexit negativity


IFA leader Healy demands end to Brexit negativity

Post-Brexit negativity and price cuts by the meat factories are excessive, and undermining confidence in the sector, according to IFA president Joe Healy.

He told the Beef Forum and the Minister for Agiculture, Michael Creed, that to be effective the forum had to work for the whole sector and that meant it must deliver for farmers as well as for others.

The IFA president said the meat factories had over-hyped the Brexit result and taken advantage on cattle price.

He said beef industry commentators had suggested that the Sterling devaluation was 16 per cent and some even went as far as 25 per cent.

“This was totally incorrect and the facts are the Sterling adjustment is 7 per cent. In addition, UK beef prices have increased by 10p/kg since Brexit,” said Mr Healy.

He said the increase in UK cattle price and the correct Sterling adjustment would change UK returns by only 8c/kg and not the severe price cuts of 25/30c/kg factories have imposed.

Mr Healy called on the factories to stop the negativity and the price cuts. He told Minister Creed it was vital that confidence was restored and maintained at farm level.