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Tipp farmers register 3,000 calves on app

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipp farmers register 3,000 calves on app

Calving season 2017 marks the third year that farmers can register calves through the Herdwatch app right there and then as they are tagging.

This is a faster and hence a more efficient way to register calves and save time.

The team at Herdwatch project that 250,000 calves will be registered through the app this year and users say that the app is saving them five minutes per calf registration, which is a great time saver.

Herdwatch analysed data from the amount of calves registered in Ireland over a week through the app and Tipperary were in the top five counties. Cork came out on top registering over 5,000 calves, with Tipp second on over 3,000, followed by Kerry in third with 1,700, Limerick coming fourth and also close to 1,700 and in fifth place was Kilkenny on over 1,200 calves.

Calving season is undoubtedly the most hectic time of year for farmers. 24 hour surveillance is needed for up to 3 months to unsure there are no unnecessary losses from calving problems.

Calf registration is just one of those jobs that has to be done, but Herdwatch can relieve the pain by allowing you to register calves as you tag them. This means you can easily stay within the 27 day deadline needed to be compliant with the department and the beef genomics programme.

You can easily register from the slatted house, calving pen or field (if you have some nice quiet limousine calves). It only takes 30 seconds. All the required calving details can be recorded on the phone even if you have no internet and then you simply press the register button when you get some internet coverage.

Nigel Flannery is a mixed suckler and sheep farmer from the shores of lough Gara in Co. Sligo. Since joining Herdwatch, almost 3 years ago, he hasn’t looked back. He says, “When a calf is born, it’s tagged and registered before I come in for the tea… When I buy animal remedies or meal, I record the purchase before I get out of the van and even if I don’t use the animal remedy for a few months, the withdrawal dates are already recorded and I won’t have to go searching for them.” Nigel’s advice is to try the 30 day free trial to suss out if it is for you or not

Nigel is one of over 5,000 farmers using Herdwatch to save hours every week on farm paperwork, for only €2.50 a week. Herdwatch is fully approved by the Department of Agriculture, ICBF and compliant with Bord Bia.

A free trial of the Herdwatch App is currently available on For more info or to request a call back text ‘frs HW906’ + your name.