FRS can help when it comes to getting a well earned holiday

Irish farmers guilty of not taking a break

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


FRS can help when it comes to getting a well earned holiday

FRS can help when it comes to getting a well earned holiday

Winter time can be a busy time for farmers as they prepare for the spring time and the busy months ahead.

Irish farmers are guilty of not taking a break and continuing to work long hours.

Christmas is a time where farmers should take a well earned break and put the feet up to enjoy a few days off surrounded by their family and loved ones without worry.

It is reported by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) that Farmers work the longest hours per week in Ireland, working on average 49.1 hours.

Farmers’ working hours are significantly higher than the overall average usual hours worked per week which is 35.8 hours.

The average hours worked per week by the average Irish farmer, includes hours spent in running the farm, preparing the production for selling, supervising employees, as well as hours spent in commercial and administrative tasks.

Farming is recorded as being not only one of the most dangerous occupations but also one of the most demanding physically and mentally.

It requires a lot of time and dedication and so many farmers every year continue to farm without taking a break.

Not only does their family time suffer but also their health.

With the children off school over the Christmas period and people having some well deserved time off work it is essential for farmers to take this break with his family and enjoy time too.

Jeremy O’Hanlon from Cloyne in County Cork is a full time farmer and he said the work never stops.

“I could easily spend up to 75 hours a week if not more working on the farm, it never stops,” he says.

For Jeremy taking a well deserved break during the summer months and around Christmas with his wife and three children is essential.

Jeremy turned to FRS Farm Relief many years ago to help him out on the farm in order for him to take time off and he hasn’t looked back.

“I got married in 1998 so ever since then I have been using Farm Relief to take care of the farm while I am away.

“Ever since we started going on holidays and for me to take a break at Christmas I would call FRS and they would always send someone reliable out to me that would get the work done,” says Jeremy.

FRS is there to tend to the farmers needs during any time of the year when farmers wish to take a break from farming life.

Skilled and reliable workers are sent out to the farm to cover all the farm work which guarantees to put the farmer’s minds at ease.

Talk to FRS about your Christmas cover today.

To find out more visit or call FRS in Roscrea on 0505-21166, or the Cahir office on 052-744 1598.