Tipperary farming: Quarter of compliance inspections end in failure

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary farming: Quarter of compliance inspections end in failure

The latest figures from the Department of Agriculture paint a clear picture that farmers need to find a more efficient way to keep full and accurate cross compliance records. In total, there were 5,813 cross-compliance inspections in 2018 and 1,549 (25%) were issued with a fine, twenty farmers also lost their full farm payment.

The breakdown of the breeches and penalties tell a story of not only where the majority of Ireland's farmers operate in the dairy and beef sectors but also have the largest administrative overheads in terms of keeping track of individual animals:

- Cattle identification and registration: 3,144 breaches, 978 penalties.

- Sheep / goat identification and registration: 471 breaches, 260 penalties.

- Protection of water: 269 breaches, 201 penalties.

- Retention of landscape features and designated habitats and control of invasive species: 108 breaches, 89 penalties.

- Plant protection products (pesticides): 73 breaches, 50 penalties.

With more farmers turning to Herdwatch and getting a better solution to manage their compliance paperwork, especially during the spring calving season, we would be optimistic that the above statistics will start to improve.

Feedback from Herdwatch members is that the app is of huge benefit in helping them with their cross-compliance obligations.

The Herdwatch app is approved by the Department of Agriculture and fully compliant with Bord Bia and EU quality assurance standards.

This easy to use solution helps farmers with their compliance paperwork by allowing the farmer to see all of their herd information on their phone and do all of their paperwork whilst out and about during the day, saving them time and enabling them to make better decisions.

Herdwatch has grown steadily to become the market leader over the last 6 years and is now used on over 11,500 farms in Ireland and the UK.

Herdwatch is celebrating one million calves being registered through the app and to mark the occasion Hedrwatch is running a competition where one lucky farmer will win an 8” x 5” cattle trailer.

To enter, all you need to do is simply download the app and enter by using Herdwatch to register your calves.

Each calf registration in Herdwatch will count as an entry so the more calves you register, the more chances you will have to win.

The competition closes on the February 29, 2020 and is open to all Herdwatch members.

Fabien Peyaud, CEO and co-founder of Herdwatch said: “We’re very proud to be celebrating this milestone and it certainly feels a long way from when we helped some of our early members register their first calves just six years ago.”

The one millionth calf is expected to be registered at the end of January and there will also be a special prize for that lucky farmer; who will receive a free 12-month Herdwatch PRO membership, a voucher from Dovea Genetics and some Herdwatch goodies to top it off.

It is a simple problem that Herdwatch addresses, farmers love their animals and their machines but very few of them enjoy doing paperwork, and they have a lot of it.

They have to complete paperwork for everything from calf registrations to animal movements, medicine purchases and usage to name just a few.

In the past, this would have been entered into their records book at night, after their day’s work was thought to be done. Herdwatch allows the farmer to do their paperwork whilst on the go during the day, eliminating errors and improve decision making as their herd data ils at their finger-tips. Their farm records are stored safely and securely in the cloud, which can be accessed by any device and it also works offline if the farmer has no internet connectivity.

The Herdwatch app is available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

A free plan is available for all farmers, with yearly PRO memberships starting at €79+VAT.

For more information, visit or call 0505-34400.