Tipperary farming: Extension to 30-day TB test proposal welcomed

Irish MEPS reject 'anti-competitive measure'

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary farming: Extension to 30-day TB test proposal welcomed

Tipperary farming: Extension to 30-day TB test proposal welcomed

The securing by Irish MEPs of an extension to the time frame to amend the 30-day pre-movement test for TB proposal for animals moving out of herds more than six months tested, has been acknowledged by IFA animal health chairman Pat Farrell.

He said this provided for the real work of removing what he said was “this unnecessary anti-competitive measure” from the Delegated Act to take place.

IFA had called on Irish MEPs to reject the EU proposal for a 30-day pre-movement TB test for animals from herds that are over six months tested.

Mr Farrell said that IFA had highlighted the negative impact of this measure on Irish farmers, the mart trade and potentially live exports since early 2019.

“The time extension achieved must now be used to remove this requirement in the Delegated Act,” said Mr Farrell.

He said IFA had consistently put forward the changes required to allow Irish farmers continue to trade cattle that are within 12 months of a TB test.

Mr Farrell said the amendment sought by IFA provided member states with flexibility for movements within the country while allowing importing countries continue with the existing 30-day export test requirement.

“This is a critical issue for Irish farmers. If not addressed, it will severely impact on our ability to competitively market our animals while jeopardising the future viability of our livestock marts and potentially the viability of our vital live export trade,” he said.

He had earlier warned that farmers would not accept this unnecessary anti-competitive measure being imposed on them.

Our MEPs must now use the additional time to apply the necessary changes to the proposed Delegated Act applied.