Call for Coillte to contribute to road repairs in Tipperary

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


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Heavy laden trucks can be responsible for wrecking roads in up-lands areas, council members claim

Huge trucks are tearing up the roads, especially in up land areas, council hears.

A call for Coillte to fund road repairs in parts of rural Tipperary where forestry equipment and lorries has led to erosion and damage of the road surface, is likely to come to nothing according to Tipperary County Council's Director of Services with responsibility for Roads.

Fianna Fail Councillor John Carroll had raised the issue at a meeting of the local authority this week and said that the State owned Coillte should be made to contribute to the necessary road repairs with huge damage being done by the heavy trucks on many local roads in upland areas.

“The roads are being cut away by these huge trucks and I think that Coillte and other forestry companies should be made to contribute to their up-keep,” Cllr Carroll said.

Cllr John 'Rocky' McGrath supported Cllr Carroll saying that bridges and roads are constantly being damaged by trucks weighing up to 40 tonne. He totally accepted that the work undertaken by the companies is vital for the local economy but pointed out that the roads in these areas tend to be narrow and are easily damaged.

However, Director of Services, Mr Marcus O'Connor said that the council had looked into this previously and there is no mechanism by which the local authority can make the companies liable for road up-keep.

“They will tell us, that's why they pay their road taxes and we have no argument against that,” Mr O'Connor said while also acknowledging the huge damage which heavy trucks are doing on roads, particularly in upland areas.