An ode to a grape

One day i woke up with an idea in my head

One day i woke up with an idea in my head

I was not worried what people would say or even have said

As per usual I wanted to write about wine

But I wanted it to be in 4 line paragraphs and maybe even rhyme

Grapes grow in countries with water and sun

When you ferment them, you introduce the fun

I appreciate the rhyming is childish and poor

But how else could I write a line with the word hoor.

Back to the vines and their wondrous fruit

When September comes they wear their best suit

The pickers arrive and strip them quite quick

Timing is crucial, speed is the trick

The winemaker now has a job on their plate

To control the temperature but also to wait

For yeasts to appear or nature to start

The sugar to transform to alcohol, it all has its part

“I like a sweet wine, oh I like it dry

I don’t like Chardonnay, but a Chablis I would try”

The measure of a dry wine is the sugar that’s left

After fermentation, it is residual at best

So wine regions that see very little rays

Will struggle for sugar and ripeness these days

There is less to transform and little to waste

So if you like it dry, the Loire Valley’s to your taste?

I could write more and there’s more to tell

But I am listening and I can hear the exit bell

My editor is a patient man and has proven it so

But this will test him, what he will think I don’t know

So I bid you farewell and I bid you goodnight

Is poetry a good direction, will I be proven right?

We all need to try something that is new

This is my effort, I bid you adieu.