Carrick-on-Suir Bridge results

Christmas Prizes

Christmas Prizes

Tuesday Club

First - Betty Moran and Margaret Comerford, second - Kitty Mullins and Ita Power, third - Tess O’Shea and Marie Cooney, fourth - Bernie Casey and Kitty Lalor, fifth - Mairead Phelan and Joan Shannon, sixth - Nellie Hearn and Teesie Blanchfield, seventh - Marie Phelan and Vera O’Donnell, eighth - Ann Murphy and Joan O’Sullivan, ninth - Joan English and Annette Wyse, tenth - Claire Shanahan and Tilly O’Donnell.

Thursday Club

First - Maudie Walsh and Maureen Coffey, second - Ita Power and Kitty Mullins, third - Mary Arrigan and Nellie Hearn, fourth - Betty Moran and Milena Mullins, fifth - Gemma Houlihan and Kevin Curran, sixth - Mairead Phelan and Aileen Brett, seventh - Marie Cooney and Joan O’Sullivan, eighth - Phyllis Fogarty and Kitty Lalor, ninth - Biddy Skelly and Tilly O’Donnell, tenth - Marie Phelan and Kay Bourke.

Sunday Club

First - Marie O’Connell and Martin Ellis, second - Biddy Skelly and Teesie Blanchfield, third - Tess O’Shea and Maura O’Donoghue, fourth - Breda Feeney and Vera O’Donnell.

Monday Club

First - Phil Brannigan and Breda Feeney, second - Teesie Blanchfield and Vera O’Donnell, third - Noel Casey and Martin Kiely.