Caring for your pets this summer

When things hot up this summer, you will need to take extra care of your pets to keep them happy and stop them overheating and suffering from heatstroke. Here are our top Summer Pet Care Tips!

When things hot up this summer, you will need to take extra care of your pets to keep them happy and stop them overheating and suffering from heatstroke. Here are our top Summer Pet Care Tips!

We all love the summer and the fantastic weather it brings. Our pets tend to enjoy the nice weather too, but it is very easy for them to suffer in the hot temperatures. To keep your pet cool this summer and reduce the likelihood of endangering them simply follow our basic advice.

Whilst a car might feel nice and cool when you are driving along with the air conditioning blasting out, once you have parked and popped to the shops the situation will change very quickly.

If it’s 22 degrees Celsius outside, a car can reach a staggering 47 degrees in only 60 minutes. This is unbearably hot, especially for pets like dogs who can only cool themselves down slightly by panting. Opening the windows slightly or using a windscreen shield won’t make much difference. Pets can die in hot cars much more quickly than you think.

Just like we do, you pet will naturally need more water during the hotter weather of the summer. Ensure your pet always has access to fresh water - which should be the case not just during the summer.

Even though the summer weather may bring higher temperatures, it’s no excuse to stop your pet from exercising. If you have a dog, they should still get the exercise they need. A good tip is to take your dog for a walk in the morning or evening when the temperature is more bearable for you both.

Newpark Pets

Newpark boarding kennel was established 3 years ago at Clerihan and is now one of the most successful boarding kennels in the south east. It is located in a pristine location – 400 yds in from the main Clonmel/Cashel roadway and is very private. It is on 20 acres and there are beautiful walks and gallops. There are a large number of fenced paddocks which cater for pets’ exercise. Grooming Parlour also on the premises.

They cater for a small number of cats.

The kennels are run by Ann Bourke, who has 30 years experience with pets. Ann is a qualified inseminator and has built up a large business scientifically testing females and breeding with A.I.

Uncle Mikes Pet World

Uncle Mikes Pet world is a one stop shop catering for all your pets needs. Established in 1993 by Michael Hogan, Uncle Mikes has gone from strength to strength.

Uncle Mikes is a must for the pet enthusiast whether you are looking for new up to date products or looking for the pet most suitable for you, you will be guaranteed that at Uncle Mikes you will receive specialist and personal attention.

Every dog, cat, regardless of size breed, age or coat type , needs to be groomed on a regular basis.

Southview Veterinary Clinic, Clonmel


Annual vaccinations before they go into boarding kennels.

Kennel cough vaccinations at least 2 weeks before travelling.

Flea and tick treatment required every month for your dogs and cats.

Worming every three months.

Grooming and Trim for long haired dogs.

Call in and talk to our staff in Southview Veterinary Hospital for any advice on looking after your pets this summer.

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Pet Planet

Located in Ard Gaoithe Business Park, Cashel Road, Clonmel, Pet Planet is 100% locally owned and has ample free parking available. We now offer a free dog-weighing service and dog microchipping and grooming are available by appointment.

Pet Planet are exclusive stockists of Skinners and Salters pet foods and also stock a wide variety of other pet foods, chicken feed, accessories, kennels, hutches, dog runs, aquariums, fish and small animals. Our weekly free dog walking club is very popular and new participants are always welcome. Pet Planet also offers a free text update service to ensure you don’t miss out on special offers.