New book by Toomevara Author

Can We Start Again is the new book by Toomevara native Shirley Benton.

Can We Start Again is the new book by Toomevara native Shirley Benton.

It tells the story about love and second chances.

Tammy and Alvin had mapped out their entire lives together, including a pre-parental plan – a list of everything they wanted to do as a couple before they have children. But no amount of planning could have anticipated the heartbreaking problems that lay ahead of them – problems that shattered their once-perfect relationship and led to a traumatic break-up.

Then, after years of trying to move on, Tammy’s world is turned upside down when Alvin comes back into her life asking for a second chance – with a difference. He proposes that they spend time together, doing the things they had once so eagerly planned, in a bid to remember why they felt they’d have children together some day, and ultimately recapture what they had.

Still in love with Alvin, Tammy finds herself powerless to say no even though their problems are still simmering in the background and threatening to boil over at any moment. Still, what they once had is surely worth trying to save.

But can something that’s broken ever truly be whole again?

Shirley is originally from Toomevara in Tipperary but now lives in Dublin with her husband and children. She studied English and French as part of her BA degree in Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick and completed a postgraduate Diploma in Systems Analysis in NUI Galway. After working full-time in IT for ten years in NETg, Am-Beo, Yahoo! and Microsoft, she left the industry in 2009 to pursue her dream of becoming a writer whilst working part-time as a freelance editor for Hibernia College. Her first women’s fiction book, Looking for Leon, was released by Poolbeg in March 2011.

Shirley’s new book will be launched on 10th July. Look out for it in all good book stores.