Operation Transformation makes a tasty return to Whitfield Clinic

Operation Transformation makes a tasty return to Whitfield Clinic

Eimear McDonnell (clinical nurse manager), Romaine Bierry (head chef), and Emeline O’ Neill (staff nurse).

Following the success of previous years, Whitfield Clinic in Waterford recently launched its food and health initiative, Eat Right Live Right, to run in tandem with RTE’s Operation Transformation. 

Now in its third year, the popular Eat Right Live Right programme places emphasis on the importance of nutritionally balanced meals for the patients, visitors and staff of Whitfield.  A range of healthy and tasty meal choices are available with special focus on providing optimum nutrition for people with illness and complementing their recovery plans.

Meals, developed with similar nutritional profiles as those on Operation Transformation, are prepared with locally sourced, fresh produce and the dish of the day recipes are available at the Atrium Café.

The initiative received great support in previous years and 2017 seems to be no exception.  According to Alan O’Connor, Whitfield’s catering manager, the project, even in its early days, has received great feedback from the patients, visitors and staff. “Many of the staff are choosing the Operation Transformation meal offers daily.  Not only are they getting a tasty, appetising meal, the options are low in calories but high in nutrition and energy,” he notes. 

Clinical nurse manager Eimear McDonnell says the catering staff have to be commended for introducing this healthy food programme. “Our patients receive the most nutritionally apt meal options which is vital in aiding recuperation.  The staff too are really embracing the new healthy options. 

“Often, we consume food just as a fuel to keep going throughout the day, but the options on offer are great.  They are flavoursome, bursting with nutrients and made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients.  When such a wonderful array of healthy meal options is readily available it really is much easier to choose right to eat and live right,” she continues.

Whitfield’s chefs and dieticians work together in serving up the Operation Transformation meal options.  The kitchen team creates each meal from scratch to ensure that customers enjoy higher quality food with more taste. The meals are nutritionally analysed to ensure the nutrient profile is suitable for patients.  They are low in fat and salt, a good source of fibre, and made from ingredients containing no gluten. There are also options suitable for vegetarians, ensuring there is something healthy for all palates.

The daily menu includes Operation Transformation favorites such as kale and red pepper soup, chicken cacciatore, Mediterranean Cod en Papillote and puy lentil, spinach and mint soup.  Also on offer is a range of vegetarian and salad options including mixed bean and tomato salad, sweet potato and fennel salad. 

If you would like to learn more about Whitfield Clinic’s health food options, offer some suggestions, or if you just want to see what’s for lunch, contact Whitfield’s catering department at whitfieldclinic@ksg.ie.