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Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan Review:

Panelist 1: Skinny Tan  Tan & Tone Oil  Dark

After seeing the many reviews online about the new cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan friendly tan, I was excited to give it a try! I was pleased with the coconut scent which became apparent once I began to apply the tan. The consistency of this particular product was that of an oil – it went on easily and did not leave a sticky feeling afterwards. However, because it was quite a clear oil, it proves a little difficult to ensure that you apply a completely even layer. Despite the instructions suggesting that you apply with bare hands, I went ahead and used a tanning glove. It recommends leaving for eight hours to develop, so I left it overnight and was very happy with the results the next morning. The tan wasn’t patchy at all but the lovely coconut scent had disappeared and the all too familiar “fake tan smell” had replaced it instead! Though I had used the dark shade, the tan was a medium colour (maybe because I had used a tanning glove), and looked quite natural. The tan lasted nicely for about 4-5 days and faded evenly.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this product, especially with the longevity and the even fading. I would definitely use it again. Rating: 4/5

Panelist 2: Express Mouse

The first thing I do when trying a new tan is to open and smell. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it wasn't too bad, nice hit of coconut. The description on the bottle says 1 Hour - Glow, 2 Hours - Golden Tan , 3 Hours - Deep Sunkissed Tan. As I find it hard to get most tans to develop on my skin I decided to leave it on overnight and hope for the best. I put it on with a standard tan mitt and it was a smooth mousse and easy to apply. I did notice there wasn't much colour showing for a tan that is meant to develop in an hour so  I put an extra layer on for safety. I woke to the grunts of my husband that our bed smelled like burnt coffee and bounty bars and I would have to agree with him. The smell seemed to develop along with the colour.

I was delighted as I looked like I had come back from a week in Dubai so ignored the smell. Although I was very happy with the colour, I looked tanned but not orange and no streaks anywhere even my legs which are usually a problem. I still don't think the colour would have reached this colour level and develop in under three hours. Overall I would be happy enough to use this product again but my biggest disappointment would have to be the packaging. I really wanted to bring it on holidays with me as I don't tan, just freckle and burn, and wanted a light glow for the evenings but I only had it in my bag in the car as far as the airport and it had leaked everywhere so had to leave it behind. Overall 7/10

Panelist 3: Medium Skinny Tan

I used the medium skinny tan and honestly feel it is one of the best tans that I have ever used. It goes on quite blotchy at first with a glittery touch but after leaving it overnight and showering the following morning it was streak and blotch free.  I must admit I was quite dubious when I first put it on when it was so blotchy but I was amazed with the results the following morning. I used a mitt with it so obviously this helped. I used it going to a wedding which was quite frightening trying it out in that context where people would see me during the day but I didn't find the smell got any worse throughout the day. There was a slight coconut smell to the tan and it was generally nice. Even in the sunlight the tan stayed very much blotch free and streak free. I also really liked the colour. I have a tendency to go orange instead of brown so I was quite pleased. I will definitely be using this tan again.

Panelist 4: Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner in the shade Dark

I tried the Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner in the shade Dark. I often wear tan as it gives me confidence and I love how it looks. I've been a fan of Cocoa Brown for a long time and have usually used mousse tan, so this cream tan was a very different experience for me. The instructions did not specify what to apply the tan with so I used a tanning mitt. I thought about applying it by hand first but wasn't sure whether it would stain or not. The mitt absorbed the product and ended up ripping. I found it very difficult to apply and it took a lot of time and effort. I loved the coconut scent, it wasn't too overwhelming but unfortunately it only lasted a day or so and went back to smelling like any other tan.

Over the time I was wearing it, I found it moisturised my skin and made my skin appear healthier than usual. It came out even and smooth. It was a very natural looking tan, despite being the darker shade, as if I had just returned from a foreign holiday. I would not use it for a going out tan especially not a last minute tan. If I were to use this tan again it would be for a wedding or if I just wanted to bronze up a bit. In relation to it developing over the seven days I felt it developed a tiny bit but there wasn't a huge difference, it did last quite long and I looked bronzed for all those days. Over all it is a very beautiful, natural tan but I was disappointed about the application and coconut scent.

Panelist 5: Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner

First impressions: Did it turn me into a bronzed goddess? Not particularly, but it did help conceal my usual ‘raw chicken complexion.’ The tan is supposed to develop into a “natural looking tan” within eight hours of application and can be built up over time to the desired colour. The colour was impressive and gave a pleasant glow that was neither orangey nor yellow- just nice and natural!  However disaster struck once it was fading time. Streaks and patches were definitely an issue, and something I haven’t encountered with other tanners.

As with the other panelists you're hit with a nice coconutty scent the minute you open the bottle. Unfortunately it dissipates and that familiar biscuity aroma begins to rise. Instructions said to leave the tan for at least five hours, or preferably overnight, before showering. I left it on overnight and I was very pleased with the sun kissed glow I woke up to in the morning. I added a second coat the next day and again the colour was impressively natural and came up much better than other gradual tanners I’ve tried in the past.

One of the big selling points behind Skinny Tan is it’s claim to help reduce the appearance of cellulite thanks to a special ingredient Guarana which appears in most firming and cellulite creams. While I can’t vouch for the “cellulite be gone” claim, I imagine it does improve the appearance of this tricky issue thanks in part to the natural colour.

Would I use it again? Yes and no. For now the quest continues…..


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