The 'three amigos' at Mo Chara are looking for forever homes





The 'three amigos' at Mo Chara are looking for forever homes

With each passing day, the Lone Ranger scans the horizon. It has been months since he has seen a new face.

As he lies awake at night, he wonders if anyone remembers he is even there. Feelings of despair take over as he watches his kennel mates disappear into the distance, destined for a life of happiness and comfort. He could only dream of such things. Ranger is a good dog – a gentle, friendly and a trusty companion. His only enemy, pesky cats!

Ranger could never befriend those dastardly felines. He just needs to find a home free from feline fiends, then he could really show what a good dog he really is. The Lone Ranger shares his days at the kennels with the mischievous sheriff, Tiny Terry. Terry watched in awe at Pawfest as all the little people arrived at Toddler Town with their furry companions. While Tiny Terry would have loved nothing more than to go join them, he had to look on in jealousy from his kennel, unable to take part in the revelry.

At just four months of age, Terry does not make friends easily round here. He is only learning how to play gently with other pups, you see Tiny Terry had a difficult start in life and it has left him a little rough around the edges where dog-on-dog manners are concerned.

Tiny Terry is mighty fond of people though, he loves to be the centre of attention and he would make a wonderful pet as part of a one-dog family.

On the outskirts of Toddler Town lives “El Loco”, or as the humans call him, Moses. The hairy giant has a relentless belief that he will escape someday, find a home with a new family and live happily ever after. Moses gets so excited whenever he sees new folk coming to visit, he always believes the next person he sees might just be the one to take him home.

So far, Moses has not even had one offer of a home and he has been waiting a long, long time. The Lone Ranger and Tiny Terry sometimes watch their friend, Moses, with a frown. They see how his hope strengthens him and they worry that one day he might just lose that hope. After all, a dog can only be ignored in favour of a pretty little fluffy-thing so many times before it starts to hurt real deep.

For more information about adopting from Mo Chara Animal Rescue, please call 087-6576022 or 087-2577182, email or find us on Facebook (

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