Late Fogarty equaliser earns Swan a draw

South SHC

South SHC

Carrick Davins 2-12

Carrick Swan 1-15

On Sunday last in Davin Park the South Senior Hurling Championship was played at real championship fever with Carrick rivals Davins and champions Swan finishing level after a great contest.

Davins were on the score board within a minute with a free from Lee Mackey with level with Danny O’Hanlon striking straight between the posts.

The first point from play for Swans was in the 4th minute by Kieran Reade after a great run through the middle with a 65 awarded almost immediately to Davins that Lee Mackey scored to draw level again.

In the 9 minute O’Hanlon converted a 65 and followed up from a free a minute later following a foul on Kevin Lannigan.

Davins were awarded a free on the 21m with Shane Butler pointing in the 12th minute. The point for Davins to draw level for the third time came from a great run by Pa Dowley.

With Willie O’Dwyer in the middle of the field starting to shine for Davins, it was appropriate that in the 14th minute he scored an excellent point after a great run of nearly 50m. Kieran Reade brought the sides level for the 4th time with a fine point from play.

Danny O’Hanlon pointed a 65 and anoather from a free in the 18th minute to go two up it was now the Davins dug deep and started running at the Swans defence and with a free awarded in the 22nd minute. Shane Butler pointed.

Three minutes later Lee Mackey pointed a 65 to draw level for the 5th time.

Davins forged ahead in the 25th minute with a Noelie Butlerpint from play with Shane Butler scoring a point from a free 20m out in the 28th minute. Then Swans on a break from the middle of the field by Kieran Reade passed a ball to Jamie Sweetman who gave Michael Hackett in the Davins goal no chance when he fired into the net for a goal to turn the game back in Swans favour 1-7 to 0-9 at the break.

After the interval Swans came out with all guns blazing and slowly pulled away and with Stephen Hahessy dominating the midfield they added points in the first three minutes from Dwayne Fogarty and Kieran Reade from play before Davins pulled one back from Mikey Cronin. For the next ten minutes Swans controlled the game apart from one goal chance missed by Ger Robinson.

Swans scored 0-5 from play from Martin Russell, Dwayne Fogarty, Alan P Ryan and 2 from frees by Danny O’Hanlon, one a 65 to leave Swans at the end of the third Quarter ahead 1-14 to Davins 0-10 with the edge very much in their favour at this time.

But Davins got a break from the middle of the field in the 18th minute when Willie O’Dwyer went on a run, passed across the field to Noelie Butler who saw Pa Harris running on his outside and he made no mistake from 20m, shooting low and hard wide of Tom Kennedy to score a goal and bring Davins back into the game.

This gave Davins a new lease of life and in the 20th minute that man O’Dwyer again went on a solo run all the way to fire a low shot pass Tom Kennedy to leave only a point between the sides and the fight continued with Mikey Cronin from wing back coming up to score the levelling point for the 6th time in the game 2-11 to 1-14.

With both sides out on their feet Davins edged ahead in the 28th minute, an excellent point from Noelie Butler, and with Danny O’Hanlon missing a free, Davins were holding on/

However on the final whistle Dwayne Fogarty came to Seans rescue with a great point from play to leave the scores level.

Best for Swans were Alan O’Sullivan, Gerry Walsh, Kevin Lannigan, Stephen Hahessy, Kieran Reade, Dwayne Fogarty, Danny O’Hanlon while best for Davins were John Cody, Richie McGrath, Lee Mackey, Mikey Cronin, Willie O’Dwyer, Pa Harris, Ger Robinson, Noelie Butler and Shane Butler.

Scorers, Swans, Danny O’Hanlon 0-7 (3 65s,4 F), Dwayne Fogarty 0-3, Kieran Reade 0-3, Martin Russell 0-1, Alan P Ryan 0-1

Scorers, Davins, Willie O’Dwyer 1-1, Pa Harris 1-0, Shane Butler 0-3F, Lee Mackey 0-3(1 65 2F),Mikey Cronin 0-2, Noelie Butler 0-2, Pa Dowley 0-1,

Carrick Swans - Tom Kennedy, Darren Murphy, Alan O’Sullivan, Gerry Walsh, Darren Fahey, Kevin Lannigan, Andrew Walsh, Martin Russell, Stephen Hahessy, Paul Diffly, Kieran Reade, Dwayne Fogarty, Alan P Ryan, Danny O’Hanlon, Jamie Sweetman. Sub - Shane Hogan for Jamie Sweetman

Carrick Davins - Michael Hackett, Keith Condon, John Coady, Richie McGrath, Mike Ryan, Lee Mackey, Mikey Cronin, Pa Harris, Willie O’Dwyer, Steven Cronin, Pa Dowley, Ger Robinson, Shane Butler, Nolie Butler, J J Butler.

Referee - Seamus Roche