Declan Ryan aims to finish campaign with a flourish

Eamonn Wynne

Eamonn Wynne

Manager Declan Ryan said he was very happy with the way his team went about their business in beating Galway at Pearse Stadium on Sunday.

“I’m sure Galway will be disappointed with their performance but our workrate was fantastic. The team showed a lot of character and took their chances very well”.

He said they laid the foundation for the win in the first half against a fairly strong breeze and everything seemed to go their way in the first half. “We haven’t been scoring too many goals so we were delighted with the tally today”.

He made the point that newcomer Shane Bourke, who scored 3-4 from play, was operating at a new level. “He was disappointed to have been taken off at half time against Cork, but he has been training very well and we’re delighted with Shane.

Lar (Corbett) is coming back to form, it’s not easy to pick up where you left off last year, but he’s getting training under his belt. He was taken off as a precautionary measure when he felt a small pull on his hamstring. John O’Keeffe and David Young had dead legs but there was nothing major”.

He said he expected the other injured players to be back in the next three to four weeks.

The big win has put Tipp back in with an outside shout of reaching the League Final. “Our aim now is to beat Wexford (on Sunday week, 17th) and let the rest of the results look after themselves”, he added.

Galway manager John McIntyre said it was a sobering day for Galway hurling. “But there’s no blame game, there is collective responsibility and we have obviously been handed a hurling lesson today.

Tipperary showed why they’re All-Ireland champions. They were much slicker, and more confident, the confidence was oozing through their play. Their bedding in period with the new management is over and fellows are fighting for positions on that team.

It was a bad day at the office, there were no excuses, we’ve got a kick up the rear end, hopefully we’ll all learn from it and we need to up our game.

Tipperary were in a different league to Galway today. Several of the players reputations took a hit and it’s up to them to retrieve them. The only way you can do that is go out the next days and produce the kind of hurling and commitment that’s required at this level.

The players are feeling hurt in there, their pride has taken a major hit and I’m not going to make them feel any worse. They themselves have to realise, if they don’t appreciate that what happened out there wasn’t acceptable then Galway hurling is not in the place we want it to be.

I still have faith in these Galway players, they’ll just have to learn from today, pick themselves up and drive on from here. Nobody saw Tipp ending up as All-Ireland champions last year when they took a bad beating from Cork last June. They stood together, kept very united despite all the criticism that was thrown at them and we intend to do the same”.

For hat-trick hero Shane Bourke it was a case of “head down, I hit them as hard as I could and luckily they went in. There are some days when everything goes right for you, and today was one of them for me.

Things didn’t go well for me against Cork the previous week (he was substituted at half time), but the boys were encouraging me during the week. I got off to a good start, Lar threw me out a couple of handy balls early on for a couple of easy scores, that got me into the game”.

The 22 year-old JK Brackens player recognises it won’t be easy to break onto the team because there are injured players who had yet to return.