Roger Ryan Plate win for u-15 hurlers

West Tipp Bord

West Tipp Bord

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Last Saturday was Inter Divisional hurling day in the County with both U/15s and U/16s from all divisions in action. Whilst the major prizes eluded the West division, they did collect the Plate honours in the Roger Ryan Memorial Tournament with a one point win over North Tipp, while our U/16s lost out in the Garda Cup Plate Final by the minimum margin to South Tipp.

The U/16A Football Championship is down to semi final stage and this Sunday night April 29 Galtee Rovers clash with Golden Kilfeacle while Clonoulty Rossmore go head to head with Lattin Cullen.

In the U/16B Championship Semi Finals the Emly Treacys combination and favourites, who are going for back to back West titles, clash with Cappawhite with Eire Og taking on Rockwell Rovers.


U12A Football

Cashel KC 2-8 K.Kickhams 1-1

U12B Football

Lattin Cullen 5-7 Rosegreen 3-5; Eire Og 4-2 Clonoulty/Rossmore 0-1; Sean Treacys 3-2 Cappawhite 1-7

U12C Football

Sologhead 6-10 K.Kickhams 2-4; Aherlow 2-4 Arravale Rvs 1-3; Cashel KC 6-4 Clonoulty/Rossmore 0-3

U12D Football

Lattin/Cullen 8-2 Galtee Rvs 0-3

U12F Football

Golden/Kilfeacle 0-10 Sean Treacys 0-2; Cappawhite (wo) Sologhead (scr); Golden/Kilfeacle 0-10 Rosegreen 0-2; Cappawhite 0-7 Sean Treacys 0-4

U16A Football Championship(Round 3)

Galtee Rvs 3-13 K.Kickhams 1-6; Lattin/Cullen 3-11 Arravale Rvs 1-3

U16B Football Championship (Round 3)

Rockwell Rvs 5-11 Eire Og 2-8; Emly/Treacys 3-10 Cappawhite 1-0

Roger Ryan U/15 Inter Divisional Hurling Plate Final

West Tipp 0-13 North Tipp 2-6

Garda Cup U/16 Inter Divisional Hurling Plate Final

South Tipp 1-9 West Tipp 1-8


Wednesday April 25

U/12D Football

Rosegreen vs. Galtee Rovers, Rosegreen, 7.30p.m.

U/12F Football

Rosegreen vs. Sologhead, Rosegreen, 6.45p.m.

Thursday April 26

U/14A Football Championship (Round 1)

K.Kickhams vs. Lattin Cullen, Dundrum, 7.00p.m. Tom Dawson

Galtee Rovers vs. Golden Kilfeacle, Bansha, 7.00p.m. David Grogan

Cashel K.C. vs. Arravale R. Cashel, 7.00p.m. Paddy Russell

U/14B Football Championship (Round 2)

Rosegreen vs Rockwell Rvs., Rosegreen, 7.00p.m. Eamonn Browne

Cappawhite vs. Sean Treacys, Cappawhite, 7.00p.m. Willie Kennedy

U/14C FC (Round 1)

Emly vs. Arravale Rvs B, Emly, 7.00p.m. Phil Ryan

K.Kickhams B vs. Cashel KC B, Dundrum, 7.00p.m. TJ Heffernan

U/12F Football

Emly vs. Golden Kilfeacle, Golden, 7.00p.m.

Sunday April 29

U/16A Football West Semi-Finals (Extra Time)

Galtee Rvs vs Golden/Kilfeacle, New Inn, 7.00p.m. John Ryan (Bob)

Clonoulty Rossmore vs. Lattin Cullen, S.T.Park, 7.00p.m. Richie O’Connor

U/16B Football West Semi-Finals (Extra Time)

Emly/Treacys vs. Cappawhite, Sologhead, 7.00p.m. John O’Brien

Eire Og vs. Rockwell Rvs. Dundrum, 7.00p.m. Phil Ryan

Monday April 30

U/12A Football (Round 5)

Galtee Rvs vs. Arravale Rvs. Bansha, 7.30 John McCormack

K.Kickhams vs. Golden Kilfeacle, 7.45p.m. Tom Dawson

U/12B Football (Round 6)

Rosegreen vs. Sean Treacys, Rosegreen, 7.30p.m. Oisin Ryan

Eire Og vs. Lattin Cullen, Annacarthy, 7.30p.m. Willie Kennedy

Cappawhite vs. Rockwell Rvs, Cappawhite, 7.30p.m. Phil Ryan

Clonoulty Rossmore vs. Emly, Clonoulty, 7.00p.m. Matthew Geraghty

U/12C Football (Round 5)

K.Kickhams vs. Clonoulty Rossmore, Dundrum, 6.45p.m. Richie O’Connor

Aherlow vs. Sologhead, Aherlow, 7.00p.m. Eoghan Lonergan

Arravale vs. Cashel KC, S.T.Park, 7.00p.m. Mark Ryan

U/12D Football

Galtee Rovers vs. Rosegreen, Bansha, 6.45p.m. David Grogan

K.Kickhams vs. Lattin Cullen, Dundrum, 7.45p.m. Seanie O’Neill

U/12F Football (Round 7) Home Clubs appoint young whistlers

Rosegreen vs. Sean Treacys, Rosegreen, 6.45p.m.

Cappawhite vs. Rockwell Rvs, Cappawhite, 6.45p.m.

Eire Og vs. Golden Kilfeacle, Annacarthy, 6.45p.m.

Sologhead vs. Emly, Sologhead, 7.00p.m.