Coiste na nÓg Thiobraid Árann Meanach

The AGM of Coiste na nÓg Thiobraid Árann Meanach took place in Hayes Hotel on November 26th.

The AGM of Coiste na nÓg Thiobraid Árann Meanach took place in Hayes Hotel on November 26th.

With a county senior board meeting running at the same time in a separate venue, Chairman Joe O’Sullivan called the meeting to order promptly, welcoming everyone present. As both the Mid Senior Board Chairman John Devane and Secretary Jonathan Cullen who were present had also to be present at the county meeting, he therefore invited John Devane to address the meeting.

John spoke highly of the great co-operation between senior and juvenile boards and that three hundred and twenty-one was a fantastic number of games to have been played at underage level this year. He congratulated the clubs on their continued great work within the division.

Last year there was a lot of doubt about future conventions and he was glad to say that all the issues discussed have been put to rest.

Jonathan Cullen followed on the same vein and congratulated our secretary Sally Young on her great work and promotion of the games.

Next, Secretary Sally Young, in her customary in-depth analysis report covered all aspects of divisional affairs combined with match reports and statistics to keep number crunchers engrossed for many hours. All who played any part in the running of the Bórd, be it fellow officers, clubs & delegates, referees, gate checkers, Senior Board colleagues, divisional selectors, sponsors, John Moloughney & John O’Loughlin for photographic records. She again appealed to clubs without referees to actively pursue candidates to take up the whistle as it will also benefit that club in the long run as well as the Bórd.

Liz Flanagan, Senior Bórd Treasurer congratulated Sally on her fine report and noted that she is always at senior games let alone juvenile ones; great job, well done.

In her first report as Treasurer, Mary Shelly gave the news that everyone wants to hear, the Bórd has a healthy bank balance.

Next it was the turn of Chairman, Joe O’Sullivan to address the meeting. Joe welcomed John Kelly; Chairman of the Referee’s Committee and immediately called on clubs to portray the message to all selectors for respect for referees. He was adamant also that no request for change for of referee for any match would ever be entertained, it wasn’t in the past and it won’t be in the future. In much the same train of thought as Bórd Secretary, Joe thanked all and sundry for the help throughout the year, in particular he thanked his Secretary who he said was a 24/7 lady in the job.

Bórd President, Andy O’Gorman was next to speak and in acknowledging the role of the officers he noted too, that it was an historic night for holding the A.G.M. in Hayes Hotel as it was a source of a lot of media coverage in recent times. It was his assumption that if it came to it, the G.A.A. wouldn’t be found wanting in respect to Hayes Hotel.

John Kelly spoke on behalf of referees and congratulated the Bórd that no referee was let down during the year and in turn no referee let any match down.

The Chairman of County Bórd na nÓg, Joe Kennedy was then called on to address the meeting.

In a short address, Joe congratulated the Bord and its officers and that it ran its business very well. There was he said always issues to be discussed and they were done openly and frankly. The division was always ready for county semi-finals and were unlucky with results in the past year.

As the Mid was central to the county geographically, he thanked the clubs for making pitches available for county matches and hoped clubs keep up the good work and wished them well for 2014.

Before the meeting commenced on the night a minutes silence was held in respect of the sad passing of Jossy Coppinger, R.I.P. brother of Jimmy Coppinger our Vic-President.

Among the other votes of sympathy passed was one for Nora Ryan, R.I.P. mother of Neil, County Bord na nÓg PRO and former secretary of our Bórd.

In conclusion, Joe O’Sullivan thanked all for their attendance, last year he said all the talk was of the Bórd going and delegates not coming in, that as we now know is not going to be the case as we all look forward to the year ahead.