Fitzgerald: ‘The first week in March does not count for much’

Brian McDonnell


Brian McDonnell

David Fitzgerald was in great form on Sunday afternoon following Clare’s win in Thurles.

David Fitzgerald was in great form on Sunday afternoon following Clare’s win in Thurles.

“It was a good day’s work,” David Fitzgerald said.

“I was proud of their work rate and proud of the amount of tackles that they got in. It was good and it was very workmanlike. We missed a few goal opportunities, but in saying that Tipperary had fifteen wides to our eight so that probably balances itself out. In general any time you come down here and get a victory it’s great.”

In the opening round Clare beat Kilkenny, but then lost to Dublin - a pattern that the All-Ireland-winning manager had predicted some time back.

“I knew that when we got up so high for the Kilkenny game we weren’t as intense against Dublin. No disrespect to Dublin, but we weren’t,” explained David Fitzgerald.

“This is the thing that I said at the start; that we were going to go from high to low, to high and I kind of expected.

“There was a big push on us to get a performance today because Tipperary had beaten us well in the league last year and beaten us well in the Waterford Crystal Cup.

“So, we wanted to get up today. Now I probably can’t push as much during the week (in training). It will be interesting; I am looking forward to seeing what team turns up next week.”

David Fitzgerald also admitted that following defeats suffered at the hands of Tipperary during the 2013 league campaign and the 2014 Waterford Crystal Cup final that Clare were eager to make an impression in this encounter.

“It was important that we were very competitive,” David Fitzgerald said.

“We weren’t competitive the last two times against them. I suppose last year they had a vendetta against us because we beat them well in the Waterford Crystal and this time they beat us.

“Tipperary were missing a lot of players as well today so they will throw them back in the mix and that will make them very strong again. I think there is very little in between a few of us there. Overall I do think that we deserved the victory there today, but as I say the first week in March does not count for much. When it comes to May or June it is a different kettle of fish, but we are happy to get that victory and if we can just get another point out of the next two games that should nearly see us safe.”