Tipp people feel ignored by the Government - Cllr. Jackie Cahill

Cllr Jackie Cahill on the hustings

Tipp people feel ignored by the Government - Cllr. Jackie Cahill

On doorsteps throughout Tipperary the one topic that is constantly brought up to Fianna Fáil Cllr and Dáil candidate Jackie Cahill is the ever increasing mortgage crisis.

This problem was recently brought up by a young Nenagh couple who are struggling with their mortgage, their income is halved and they are snowed under, Cllr Cahill has a simple and effective way to help those struggling.

“People thought the County feel ignored by their Government. It seems that many politicians out there talk a big game but don’t put forward genuine and realistic solutions to some of Ireland’s most troubling problems. I have devised a solution to tackle the mortgage crisis gripping the country.

The solution to this problem is the spilt-mortgage option. How this works is, the mortgage is spilt into two parts, the first part is based on the family’s current level on income, the second part is shelved at a reasonable rate and addressed when the families circumstances improve, with a review every five years.

This solution requires no debt forgiveness and or write down it eliminates the need for repossession of family homes and it was considered by the former governor of the Central bank, Patrick Honan, as the most effective option to the mortgage crisis.

This plan is the perfect solution for the current Irish Mortgage problem and what it needs is the political will which the current Government are not providing”.