In our edition of the Nationalist Newspaper dated the 18th February 2016, which was published and in circulation on the 17th February 2016, we published a Notice of Poll which was submitted by the Returning Officer to our newspaper for publication in accordance with the legal requirements of the 1992 Electoral Act.

We received a correct and accurate Notice of Poll from the Returning Officer, but, due to human error on the part of the Nationalist Newspaper in the printing and editing of the Notice received, we incorrectly referred in the Notice to Mr Mattie McGrath being a candidate for the Fine Gael Party in the forthcoming general election.

This of course was incorrect. Mattie McGrath is not or has never had any connections with Fine Gael.

Mr McGrath is running as an Independent Candidate at the forthcoming General Election and should have been described as having a non-party candidature as submitted on his nomination papers.

We wish to unreservedly apologise to Mr. Mattie McGrath for our error. We are pleased to take this opportunity to correct the record.