Kiladangan's Cycling Challenge 2016

Michelle Seymour, with the Durty Mudders running group provides evidence of her last spin on a bike; with Para Olympic cyclist Peter Ryan they lent their support to Kiladangan’s Cycling Challenge 2016. Online signup at

The cycle challenge is on April 10th, 5 routes - 10k, 25k, 50k, 80k and 120k. There will be prizes for tandem bike and high nellie bike participants on the day too. These competitions will be within the 10k cycle. Last week we were delighted to have Peter Ryan, Para Olympian cyclist, who came to lend his support to the event. This is a charity event for Pieta House. People can sign up online on

It is much cheaper to sign up online and you will automatically be entered into a draw for €100. Online registrations close on Wednesday April 6th at 12pm.