Bord Bia and GIY team up to find Tipperary's biggest Spudlover

Resident food blogger Janine Kennedy continues in her quest to promote local, homegrown produce!

Bord Bia and GIY team up to find Tipperary's biggest Spudlover

Bord Bia and GIY have launched a competition to dig up Tipperary’s biggest Spudlover and crown Ireland’s Top Tuber.

GIYers and budding Spud growers are now invited to sow their potatoes and join in ‘SpudLove 2016’, an initiative which is encouraging Irish communities to fall in love with the spud all over again by hosting a local ‘Spud Off’ competition, with the aim of finding the country’s favourite spud.

SpudLove 2016 is a fun way to learn how to grow a variety of Irish potatoes with a Spud Off Tool Kit devised to ensure even the greenest of growers can’t go wrong!

According to founder of GIY Michael Kelly, this is the ideal time to sow your potatoes and summer is the ideal time to plan a ‘Spud Off’ competition when the tubers will be ready for harvesting. “Potatoes are my absolute favourite thing to grow. They are really straightforward – stick a spud in the ground and it turns in to a plant that produces 10-12 spuds. Simple as that. Harvesting the first new potatoes is always my top moment of the growing year, and I love that I get to try lots of different varieties of this wonderfully diverse vegetable.”

Michael said, “Potatoes have had a bit of a hard time of late and lots of the commentary around them is simply overhyped or untrue. Potatoes are one of the world’s healthiest foods, they are naturally fat free and gluten free, a great source of B and C vitamins, potassium and fibre and they really should be part of the weekly menu in every Irish household.”

The Spudlove campaign is also appealing to GIYers to show their love for the wonder-spud by sharing their top spud-growing moments on social media with the hashtag #spudlove. Plenty of inspiration and a host of nutritional and seasonal recipes for potatoes can be found at

Commenting on the partnership and the ‘SpudLove’ competition Lorcan Bourke of Bord Bia said, “Bord Bia is delighted to work with GIY on this to encourage people to grow, cook and eat a wide variety of potatoes.

Interested families, individuals, workplaces and groups can check out the ‘Spud Rules’ and register to host a ‘Spud Off’ at