Nenagh mother Majella's joy over new C-section method


Nenagh mother Majella's joy over new C-section method

A Nenagh mother has spoken of her joy at being able to partake in her daughter's birth despite having to undergo a Caesarian section.

Majella Galvin gave birth to baby Sarah in Univerity Hospital Limerick's maternity unit on February 26 through a revolutionary procedure called a “natural Caesarian”.

“My eldest boy, Tom, had been delivered by C-section and he was whipped away and put in an incubator. I could see him crying but it was ages before I could hold him. That is so important at the start and you just want to hold your baby. While overall I had a very positive theatre experience and skin-to-skin in recovery, when I look back on his birth, it's the image of him crying all alone that comes to mind,” said Majella, who is married to Brendan. “I didn’t want to have that experience again.”

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